BlogWhere’s James? Episode 9: Startup

Where’s James? Episode 9: Startup

By Gary Stokes
September 21st, 2018

James went somewhere a little while ago. We hear that he is on a startup out West. We hear that he is doing well. But we haven’t seen him for a while, and it may be a while yet until we see him again East of the Mississippi.

In our previous post, we showed you the details of the steps involved in control system startup and commissioning.  Startup and Commissioning

James helped create Pendant’s system for completing the startup phase of our projects. So we’re pretty sure he’s following it to a tee and knocking it out of the park. But, given the location of the project, we have reliable intelligence that in his off hours he might be hanging out in some parks, as in National Parks, too. Which means he’s basically having fun 24×7.

In any case, if you happen to run across a guy that looks like the man on the milk carton, either in a big distribution center or in a National Park, give him our regards. Tell him to call home.  And tell him we have another conveyor handling control system startup for him…

Send James to knock it out of the park for me, too