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Efficient and Intelligent Industrial Control System Design.

What We Offer

What We Do For You

We’ll meet your deadlines.

You’re usually under a lot of time pressure – getting your proposal done, agreeing to your end-user’s desired project turnaround time, and executing the project before the deadline. Every day counts. Our team is selected and trained to be as dedicated to your deadlines as you are.

We'll Communicate With You.

You’ll be asked by a lot of people how your project is going – by your boss, your project team members, your end-user, and your accounting department. You need to know. We believe in over communicating. We’ll keep you up to date in a variety of ways. We’ll even give you access to your project information securely on our website, allowing you to self-serve when you need to.

We'll Build You an Awesome Control System.

Communication and deadlines are critical, but not sufficient. Just like a mediocre steak can ruin your evening at a restaurant with great service and great ambience, a lackluster system that’s “good enough” can leave you feeling underwhelmed even though it was completed on time and on budget. Your design and the quality of your system are top priorities for the Pendant team.

How We Do Business

We practice fairness and respect in all your business relationships.

We will treat each other, our clients, and our suppliers with fairness and respect and we seek business relationships with those who will treat us with fairness and respect.

We own our mistakes.

We will always own our mistakes and make things right. We seek to do business with like-minded clients and suppliers, and to hire like-minded team members.

We aim to be profitable.

A reasonable profit is critical to the growth of a business. We will always seek win/win outcomes, and want to work with clients and suppliers who agree with this principle.

We will be responsive.

We will respond. We may not have the answer or the solution right away, but you will know that we are working on it and when you can expect to have the answer. We value responsiveness.

We will be loyal.

We will always be mindful of the value of the relationships we have built with great clients, great suppliers, and great team members who also appreciate loyalty.

About Us


Pendant Automation, founded in 2006 by Rob Ward, is your one-stop shop for control systems integration. Pendant is located in Havre de Grace, Maryland, but we operate around the world, with completed projects in 22 different countries, and across North America, with completed projects in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and across the entire continental United States. When you bring a project to Pendant, you show us your layout and your goals, and we complete the design and engineering, programming, panel build, startup, and commissioning. Whether you are a systems integrator working with the end user, or the end user in a variety of industries and applications, Pendant realizes that the success of your project is decided by much more than just ending up with a system that works. Our focus is to work with you to execute your project professionally, punctually, and profitably for everyone involved.


  • Project Management
  • Control System Design
  • Programming & HMI Customization
  • Panel Building
  • Installation and Startup
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  • E-Commerce
  • Parcel
  • Retail Distribution
  • Bulk Handling
  • Process Industries
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Aviation Refueling
  • Oil and Gas
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  • Conveyor Handling
  • Material Handling
  • Temperature Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Flow Control
  • Motor Control
  • Motion Control
  • Machine Control
  • Data Management
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