Industries We Serve

Conveyor and Material Handling

  • Manual Sort
  • Automated Sort
  • High-speed Sorting, Merging, and Diverting
  • Scanning – Bar-code, weight, dimensions
  • Pick/Put to Light Interfaces
  • Pick and Pass
  • System Safety and E-Stops
  • WCS/Middleware Programs
  • HMI Customization

Pendant’s first conveyor handling project was in 2011, and that year fewer than 3% of Pendant’s projects were conveyor handling projects.

We quickly realized we were good at it, and we were getting great feedback from you, the conveyor systems integrators, and from the end users.

We placed high priority on growing in conveyor handling, and now over 60% of Pendant revenue comes from producing conveyor handling control systems.

That means you will be working with a team of experienced professionals that “get it”. You will be able to rely on us to create a controls system that fits your vision for the project.

Pendant has experience interfacing our control systems with conveying equipment from a variety of OEMs, and we can work with controls equipment from a variety of suppliers, although the vast majority of the systems we produce rely on PLCs from Rockwell Automation or Siemens.

Pendant has designed, built, and installed conveyor handling control systems for the following business segments:

  • Parcel Handling
  • Logistics
  • Retail Distribution
  • E-Commerce

Motor, Motion, and Machine Controls

  • Motor Controls
  • Motion Controls
  • Machine Controls

Motor Control

Motor control is a part of almost every project Pendant executes. Conveyor handling systems in particular rely heavily on motor control capabilities, including on/off controls, soft starters, and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).

Motion Controls

Motion controls are popular in a variety of industries. This video shows a simple example of a Pendant project where motion controls were used to automate the filling of buckets with product.

Pendant has used motion control for virtually every industry for which we have executed automation projects.

Machine Controls

Machine control refers to a control system designed to control the actions of a machine used for a very specific purpose in industrial applications. For example, the motion control video above is an example of a machine control system. Machine control can comprise the use of motion control, flow control, pressure control, and temperature control, working in concert to produce the desired output. Pendant has been executing machine control projects since the mid-2000s.

Temperature, Pressure, and Flow Controls

  • Temperature Controls
  • Temperature Pressure Controls
  • Flow Controls

Pendant’s first projects involving pressure, temperature, and flow controls were in 2008. These types of projects are common in the process industries and discrete manufacturing, as well as aviation refueling applications.

Pendant’s experience in these industries is diverse, including projects for the following types of businesses:

  • Industrial adhesives
  • PVC resin
  • Coffee blending
  • Polymer roofing systems
  • Food
  • Cement
  • Essential oils
  • Refractory manufacturing
  • Commercial printing
  • Dry wall production

Data Management

Typically, the control system houses a small amount (less than one day) of historical data to allow for reviewing performance of the process in question. Pendant, through the use of data historian software, enables real data management on-site to give a much richer view of system operations. This technology can be applied in any industry for which Pendant executes automation and control systems projects.