BlogWhere’s James – Episode 8

Where’s James – Episode 8

By Gary Stokes
March 29th, 2018

Where’s James? At the Shelf o’Tutelage

It’s been a while since we wrote a “Where’s James” post. We’re thinking that James was getting impatient, and so he gave us a perfect reason to create a new one.

A First for James

We’re proud to announce that yesterday James made his first contribution to Pendant’s “Shelf o’Tutelage”. You may recall the Shelf o’Tutelage from this earlier post: The Shelf o’Tutelage

In short, the shelf is Pendant’s way of highlighting “learning opportunities” (aka mistakes) in a lighthearted way.  Each time one of our team members fries an electrical component, the component goes on the shelf.

James’ contribution is a wimpy 24V safety relay that unfortunately could not handle 120V while he was testing a panel. The only casualty was the relay, but it will be memorialized forever on the shelf.

Feel free to share your congratulations with James