BlogWhere’s James? Episode 13 – Channeling Andre Romelle Young

Where’s James? Episode 13 – Channeling Andre Romelle Young

By Gary Stokes
March 7th, 2021

Ok, we’ll admit right up front that we were reaching for something to blog about this week when James, just by being James, and in this case channeling Andre Romelle Young (more on him later), gave us an idea. Buckle up – it’s going to be goofy, but I beg your indulgence because when you’re a geezer like me, you occasionally want to offer evidence that you’re not completely out of touch with pop culture. In this case I’m only about 13 years behind.

Back to James.  Pendant has a small kitchenette/lunchroom area for team members, and over time you become familiar with each team member’s food preferences.  Rob established a practice years ago where on Friday mornings he brings in a box of Dunkin Donuts and sets them on the lunchroom table for anyone to enjoy. On a typical Friday you’ll see a variety of breakfasts, including said donuts, lots of coffee and tea, yogurt with berries a la yours truly, and maybe some other breakfasty concoctions.

And then there’s James.

James is well-known for being into nutrition and eating nutritious foods.  For example, at his home he has a greenhouse for the production of micro greens. He’s famous for bringing all sorts of dishes prepared by his own hand, and sometimes prepares and tends to the dishes in the office. Most of the time, the meals appear to be suitable to the time of day in which he consumes them.

Not this Friday.

While everyone else was eating their breakfast, James showed up at the table with this.

You’re automatically forgiven if you don’t know what it is. None of us could figure it out either. You get extra credit if you do. But we think it’s a given that it doesn’t qualify as especially “breakfasty”. You may be familiar with chicken and waffles. How about chicken and beets? Go to the head of the class if you correctly identified that as the dish James had for breakfast Friday morning.

Now, there’s more extra credit available if you can figure out the connection to the aforementioned Andre Romelle Young.  The discoverer of the beet? A chef famous for weird combinations like this? A TV personality that does one of those gastronomy shows?  No, no, and no.

You see, Andre Romelle Young is better known as Dr. Dre. And in 2008 he founded a company that introduced the world to – wait for it – Beats by Dre.

Let that sink in, and now take a breath and seek forgiveness in your heart for a writer so desperate for attention that he would write an entire blog post as a way to set up a laborious and stupid pun.

We are excited to introduce to the world a new concoction – Beets by J!


Let me get some of them beets by J