BlogWhat Do You Get from Revolution Street WXS? Part 3

What Do You Get from Revolution Street WXS? Part 3

By Gary Stokes
February 19th, 2023

At a very high level, there is only one goal when you choose to invest in warehouse automation, or more specifically warehouse software, and that is to improve the performance of your operation.

Many things can get in the way of your warehouse operating at peak performance. And yes, many options exist to help you move towards that peak. Lots of people can design and install material handling equipment (MHE). Lots of people can design the control system, write the PLC programs, build the control panels, start up the system, and offer a software application to make it all work. But to achieve your best possible level of performance takes more than just that what we call “table stakes”.

What do I mean by table stakes? Table stakes are the bare minimum things you absolutely must get from your investment, such as:

  • MHE that works and provides the throughput for which it was designed.
  • Well-designed, high quality control panels.
  • A PLC program that functions as designed.
  • For software, the application modules that you require to control the system.

The real difference makers, however, will solve these bigger problems for you:

  • Lack of control – if it feels like your software supplier holds all the cards and you are way too dependent on them, you cannot operate at peak efficiency.  With Revolution Street WXS, you are in the driver’s seat, with tons of do it yourself configurability built in, backed by fast 24 x 7 support when you need it.
  • Lack of information – if you don’t know what you need to know when you need to know it, your success is constrained. Revolution Street puts reports and notifications literally at your fingertips, regardless of your role or the device you use. And these, too, are customizable and configurable to your individual needs.
  • Lack of efficiency – if you’re missing opportunities or taking too long to identify problems and their root causes, you won’t make your goals. We built Revolution Street with the logging and tracking capabilities that you’ll need to be better at acting proactively when possible, and reacting fast when necessary. Imagine, for example, receiving a customer complaint about a missing shipment and within minutes having your service rep look at the Revolution Street scan log to find that exact shipment, link directly to the carrier’s tracking info, and let the customer know that the carrier reported the shipment as delivered two days ago.
  • Lack of support – there will be times when you need help. One of the main reasons we developed Revolution Street was because the number one complaint we were hearing was that support was virtually nonexistent in far too many cases. We attacked this from two angles:
    • First, we put the power in your hands by making it easy for your users to intuitively get help on every single screen with modern and innovative help features.  And then we backed it up with an easy-to-access knowledge base for even more depth.  We wanted to make it so that your team can quickly get answers and resolve issues without having to make an outside call.
    • Second, for those times when the issue is more complex, we provide the fast support you need, starting with a call to a live person that directs you to one of our experts.  With our highest level support agreements, that means we commit to having someone actively working on your issue in under an hour.
  • Lack of visibility – in this case, we literally mean visibility. The Site Vision module that is an optional part of the Revolution Street WXS puts cameras in strategic locations in your warehouse that can be tied to DVR devices that help you see what’s going on.  Imagine a camera placed above a merge that helps you see what happened when the PLC responds to a jam by triggering the DVR to save 2 minutes of video (60 seconds before and 60 seconds after the jam occurs) for you to review. How much faster could you determine the root cause and take corrective actions than the way you’re doing it today? This is just one of many ways to deploy the Site Vision module to your advantage.

The bottom line is that we put the power in your hands to drive faster to your highest level of performance.

Now this is a high level discussion of what Revolution Street WXS can do for you. There are two ways you can dig deeper, learn more, and see for yourself how it can help you in your operation.

  • Contact us here to ask for more information and a demo.
  • Visit us at ProMat in Chicago where we will have a full emulation of Revolution Street with which you can interact and quickly realize the difference between this modern, simple software application and the alternatives.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!