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Warehouse Control System Update

By Gary Stokes
February 18th, 2019

Sounds exciting, right? Pendant is rolling out a new Warehouse Control System (WCS) later this year. Excitement is what we’re going for.

Key Principles

We’re prioritizing the following characteristics of the WCS:

  • Simplicity, because your people should be able to learn to use the system quickly and see the value in it.
  • The right features, because how many software applications do you use where you end up paying for a lot of functionality that you don’t use?
  • Accessibility, because you want more of your team to have access, wherever they are.
  • Adaptability, in order to make the system easily fit your operations.

Warehouse Control System Functionality

Here are just some of the functions currently under development:

  • Global control (e.g. start/stop/e-stop).
  • Customized dashboard overview screens.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) reports and graphics.
  • Events and active alarms displayed and saved for export.
    • Frequent issues show up in a hit list.
    • Most recent events show on the dashboard.
  • Status for all equipment on the system.
  • Locations and status of each component with the ability to drill down for more detail.
  • Custom permissions for each user.
  • Chat-based communication inside the system.
  • Individual views of cameras included in your visualization system.

All of this is packaged in a web-based system that allows anyone with permission and internet access to use the system.

The Bottom Line

It’s all about your bottom line.

What would you do with more powerful information at your fingertips?

How much more would you get from a system that’s easy to use for all your team members?

Where could you be more proactive if you had more details and information about efficiency?

How much faster could you react to problems and prevent bigger problems?

If you want to get the maximum value from your automation investment, keep an eye on us.


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