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Timpson Training Panels

By Gary Stokes
September 29th, 2019

We’re switching focus for this post away from our usual conveyor handling controls content for a brief overview of Timpson Training Panels. Timpson  created a way for power utilities to train linemen with energized, high voltage power lines without exposing them to potential lethal currents.  Critical to the overall solution is a control panel, engineered to instantaneously de-energize the lines when trainees make a mistake. Trainees experience what it is like to work with high voltage and learn from their mistakes safely. Feedback for this innovation is excellent.  See some feedback here

Pendant engineers and produces the control panels for Timpson. They are available in multiple configurations, managing up to 9 circuits at up to 25K volts for distribution yard training. Timpson is also rolling out transmission yard training units for up to 138KV. Both rely on Timpson’s AST Arc-flash suppression technology. We’re sure that Timpson will continue to innovate and develop new ways to improve the quality of training in the power industry.

Pendant is proud to be Timpson’s choice for the production of these systems. As you can see in the photo, Pendant is ready to ship several Timpson panels to clients in multiple locations.

Keep your eye on Timpson, because there’s way more good stuff to come.

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