BlogWhere’s James? Scan Tunnel Test Video

Where’s James? Scan Tunnel Test Video

By Gary Stokes
May 11th, 2018

Freezer Scan Tunnel Test

James is in a deep freeze this week. Yesterday he sent us a brief video of a scan tunnel test he performed. When you watch the video, you might wonder why he is dressed like Elmer Fudd hunting “wabbits”.  The answer is simple – he’s cold! The project is in a frozen foods facility with automated conveyor handling and scanning equipment.

Testing is a critical part of the startup phase of any project. In this case, the operating conditions in the facility required extra planning to ensure the proper function of the scanning equipment. In non-routine conditions like this, testing becomes even more critical. While this test shows everything is working well, James is continuing to perform other tests of the system. Before he is done he will test the functionality of every part of the project touched by Pendant.

Maybe you have a project where James can dress in a single layer? We’ll be happy to send him to see you.

Send James to us. We’ll keep him warm.