BlogRevolution Street WXS and “DIY Configuration” – Can You Do It?

Revolution Street WXS and “DIY Configuration” – Can You Do It?

By Gary Stokes
April 11th, 2023

Let’s keep it simple today.  Of the countless conversations we’ve had over the years about warehouse software, the overwhelming majority included a user talking about their level of dissatisfaction with the software developer having too much control. People were especially unhappy with their ability to make changes quickly and easily, and to get support when they needed help.

In fact, the frequency of these complaints is the number one reason we developed Revolution Street WXS.  One of the ways we responded was by committing to build do it yourself (DIY) configuration capabilities into it as much as possible.  You could say it’s in the DNA of the app.

It’s easy for me to tell you that, and you might even believe me.  But it’s way more powerful for you to see it for yourself.

At the recent ProMat show in Chicago, we had tons of visitors stop by our booth for a chat and a demo of the software. At one point I challenged a visitor to reconfigure the sorter in our demo without any training or input from me.  He readily accepted my challenge and within about 2 minutes he added a sort lane, added a sortation criterion, and applied that criterion to the lane he just added, with zero input from me. Not only is the capability built into the app, but it’s so easy and intuitive that a visitor with  no training was able to make the changes without any training at all.

I’m going to show you a snippet of the sort configuration screen from Revolution Street. Do you think you could do what he did if you were asked (for example could you add a UPS criterion)? We’d love to hear your comments after you’ve looked it over. If you’re like many of the visitors who came by our booth, don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying “Wow” and “Show me more.”  We’d be glad to.

Sort Configuration