BlogProMat 2023 Teaser – Revolution Street WXS

ProMat 2023 Teaser – Revolution Street WXS

By Gary Stokes
March 7th, 2023

Warehouse eXcellence, simplified.  Pretty clever tag line, right?

Well, maybe not. But which would you rather have, a more clever tag line that is, as they say in Texas, “all hat and no cattle”, or a product experience that fulfills all the promises?

Debuting at ProMat 2023 in less than two weeks, we think you’re going to like the promise of Revolution Street WXS, version 2.0. We’ve been writing about it for the last several posts, but we’re especially excited about the experience part. It’s designed to make life way easier for users, with an intuitive and modern look and feel, super powerful do-it-yourself configurability, all the functionality you need, backed up by high quality support when you really need it.

Notifications Configuration Screen

What’s in store for you at ProMat is an emulation of a typical warehouse, running on Revolution Street WXS. We’ll be happy to walk you through it so you can see for yourself what a modern warehouse software application looks like.  See for yourself how easy it is to use, with the power to help you or your clients better understand the operation, and from that understanding to drive it to levels you never imagined possible. We think it will check a lot of boxes for you, and we also think you will be very happy with the return on an investment in Revolution Street.

If you’re coming to ProMat, you can find us here. If you prefer to schedule a visit to our booth, add yourself to the calendar here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.