BlogPendant Warehouse Control System Teaser

Pendant Warehouse Control System Teaser

By Gary Stokes
July 15th, 2019

In a post earlier this year, we gave you a very preliminary peek at the Pendant Warehouse Control System currently under development.  Earlier WCS Update

It’s time to share some more details about our progress.

  • Our target for rolling out the Pendant Warehouse Control System is early fourth quarter 2019.
  • We chose a name for our WCS, and we are very excited about it. If you find us on a map, there is a nearby hint to the new name.
  • The new website pages and other branding activities are in progress.
  • If you run a warehouse/distribution center, your life is about to get simpler.

What’s Included?

One key feature of the Pendant warehouse control system is that you pay only for what you need. You can purchase modules that fit the layout and resources of your operation.  The initial version of the Pendant WCS includes the following options:

  • Base or HMI
  • WMS/Host Interface
  • Merge
  • Scanning
  • Sortation
  • Print and Apply
  • Weighing and Dimensioning
  • Site Vision
  • CMMS Light (maintenance)

The Base/HMI module comes with the program by default, but all other modules are optional add-ons.

The browser-based system works seamlessly with your host/WMS.

Look to hear more as the launch date approaches. For more information and future updates, add your name to the WCS update list here.