BlogPendant Automation Diary – ‘Tis the Season for Rampant Toadyism

Pendant Automation Diary – ‘Tis the Season for Rampant Toadyism

By Gary Stokes
October 18th, 2019

The third quarter ended at the end of September. At Pendant, that means it’s time for the quarterly conversation with each team member.

The quarterly conversation comprises a discussion about how the previous quarter went and the focus for the ensuing quarter. Accomplishments, contributions to the team, and learning make up the bulk of the conversation. It’s a useful pause to engage in some introspection and stock-taking, with the intent of motivating more learning and positive actions. It’s not a report card.

But just in case, some of our team members take out an insurance policy in the form of rampant toadyism.  To protect the innocent, we won’t reveal that Brad the panel shop guy (a.k.a. Shmedley) is the prime offender. We don’t want him to be embarrassed by incriminating photos floating around the Internet. But it turns out that this unnamed flatterer knows very well the types of treats favored by Rob the boss guy. And he shamelessly arrives with a pile of them, thinking that Rob will fall for it.

But what he does not understand is that across the hall resides Rob’s favorite, who doesn’t have to rely on treats to suck up to Rob. He just uses his boyish good looks and animal magnetism, which are not nearly as insulting to Rob’s intelligence, which, by the way, is at an all-time high. Today Rob will undoubtedly see right through the prime toady and resume the use of his keen insight and leadership skills in future conversations, including the one with this author next week.

Thanks in advance, Rob, for what I know will be the best quarterly conversation ever!

Hey, Pendant, how about toadying up to me on my next project?