BlogPendant Automation Diary – Summer’s End

Pendant Automation Diary – Summer’s End

By Gary Stokes
September 1st, 2019

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date” – William Shakespeare

“Summer should get a speeding ticket” – Somebody else

Tomorrow is Labor Day, marking the unofficial end of summer. In Maryland, the kids start back to school Tuesday, starting the long march to their next vacation.

As a kid, summers seemed eternal, in a good way. Long, sometimes lazy days bled into warm nights catching fireflies, playing flashlight tag with friends, and staying up late. The sounds of a summer evening, all manner of birds and insects announcing their presence to the world, remain etched in memory.

For those that work for a living, summer’s pleasures are more fleeting. Hopefully, there is a vacation to remember, especially one where your contact with the world of work was limited. Because honestly, summer really ended with the introduction of the smartphone, didn’t it?

Summer in Maryland

In Maryland, summer means humidity, hanging out by the pool, getting out on your boat, steamed crabs, a trip or more to Ocean City or Deep Creek, seafood festivals, and in recent years hoping that the Ravens, once they get started, can make up for the disaster of the Orioles’ season. You find yourself lamenting that you are wishing away the summer, but you also know that when football season starts, you will be ready.

Then There’s Fall

As we head into fall, things feel more serious. Perhaps as adults we still feel like it’s time to go back to school, and it’s time to get busy. Things get done faster. We know it’s a short few months before the holiday season sets in, so let’s get going. Before you know it, summer is a distant memory, and you’re thinking about the next one.

But be sure to appreciate the beauties of the intervening fall, winter, and spring.  The fall brings football, oysters, glorious and crisp sunny days, fall colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the buildup to the holidays. The winter brings the possibility of holing up binge-watching movies or the latest great tv show while a white blanket of snow builds outside. A crackling fireplace and maybe a quick trip to somewhere warm. Then spring, with its warming days and beautiful flowers, renews your desire for yet another summer season.

At Pendant, we’ll be working hard on your control systems projects. It’s looking like a busy fall and winter coming up, and you can trust that we’ll be serious about it. After all, we have to get ready for next summer.


Summer is over and we have a project for you to quote