BlogPendant Automation Diary: Costume Season

Pendant Automation Diary: Costume Season

By Gary Stokes
October 31st, 2022

As you can see in the main photo, Pendant celebrated Halloween on Friday with a pot-luck lunch where participants dressed as a bunch of hard-to-decipher characters in costume. For your benefit, I took a shot at identifying what everyone was going for, and I have to admit that I think I hit the nail on the head with my guesses. There were others that either work remotely, were on vacation, or didn’t costume themselves who don’t appear in the photo, but we’re sure that they would have looked great in whatever guise they chose.

From left to right in the photo, here’s what I think:

  • Michael Dorsey dressed as a Dave Ramsey enthusiast.
  • Sai came in a longish kilt-looking thing with a scarf, so I think he’s a Highlander from the coldest part of Scotland (minus bagpipes).
  • Michael came as a member of the Illuminati.
  • Cassie and Rob were dressed as a couple of duck farmers.
  • Brad (kneeling in front drinking from an enormous jug) came as James drinking from an enormous jug.
  • Kaytlin (in back next to Rob) came as a kabuki performer with bad hair and a knife.
  • Steven (kneeling next to Brad) came as a Hell’s Kitchen finalist.
  • Pete (in back in front of the green guy) came as a happy victim of alien science experiments.
  • Gary (much to Dorsey’s delight) came as Dave Ramsey.
  • James came as constipated Abe Lincoln.
  • Lisa came as a ballerina in her 80s.
  • And Bill dressed as the ring-bearer in regular-guy disguise.



Since today is the actual Halloween holiday, Cassie decided she didn’t want to be remembered forever as a duck farmer. So she one-upped everyone and came in as Ms. White, first name Snow. We’re not sure exactly what happened, but maybe she was so tired of all the Heigh-Hoing and whistling while working that she had the Seven Dwarves discreetly eliminated, because there was no sign of them anywhere. Don’t worry, Snow, your secret is safe with us.