BlogInc 5000 Part 2 – No Cure for Curiosity

Inc 5000 Part 2 – No Cure for Curiosity

By Gary Stokes
August 18th, 2019

Pendant learned this week that we achieved inclusion on Inc magazine’s Inc 5000 list for the second time. See Last Year’s Post  

We checked in this year at number 1080 on the list, an improvement from number 2484 last year. You can see the entire list here. 

It’s great recognition, but it’s a milestone that is based on what already happened, and says nothing about what happens tomorrow. That’s where we will keep our focus.

Growth is simple, but not easy. It starts as an act of will. That’s the simple part.

The next steps are not always obvious. But if your company culture has curiosity as a cornerstone, you know that the steps you take are rarely missteps. You learn, and learn, and learn some more. It’s not always perfectly clear that what you are learning will be useful. You do it anyway because, well, curiosity. And then you look back once in a while and realize that something happened while you pursued the things that interested you. You grew. And your business grew, too.

That’s what the Inc 5000 recognition does for us. It reminds us to continue learning, so that next year at this time a look back reminds us again. But it doesn’t cure us. There isn’t a cure for curiosity.

I think I could benefit from your curiosity