BlogControl System Quotes for Conveyor Handling – 10 Things to Include in Your RFQ Process

Control System Quotes for Conveyor Handling – 10 Things to Include in Your RFQ Process

By Gary Stokes
October 6th, 2019

Occasionally we like to refresh your memory on how to get timely and accurate conveyor handling control system quotes. Today we present you with a list of 10 things to include in your RFQ process (you can use this as a checklist).

Your Checklist

  1. Layout drawing(s), preferably in CAD. We like getting the CAD drawing and use it to prepare a device layout to include in our proposal. The drawing(s) should clearly show the scope of the project.
  2. Conveyor bill of materials, with motors. For the fastest response from us, a summary of the quantity, types of motors (fixed speed or VFD) and the motor HP is critical.
  3. Brief description of the project and operation. This allows us to make better choices for the number of panels and the location and quantity of field devices.
  4. Project location. We include travel expenses in our proposal.
  5. Requested deadline. We sometimes return control systems quotes within the same day, but knowing your deadline gives us the chance to prioritize.
  6. Electrical installation. If you want us to quote the installation in addition to the controls, please state it clearly.  We subcontract almost all of the field wiring projects when we are asked to provide installation. This means that we must quickly prepare a device count to include in our request for an installation quote to be able to meet your deadline.
  7. Clarity about who is buying what. Most clients ask us to handle the entire project, including the purchase of things like scanners, print and apply machines,  dimensioners, etc. But if you intend to purchase some or all of these kinds of items, letting us know up front can prevent us from unnecessarily requesting quotes from our suppliers.
  8. Controls specifications, if any. Some of your end users will have documented controls specifications that we use to make sure our proposal conforms.
  9. Preferred controls voltage. Some clients prefer 120VAC controls to save on electrical installation costs. Others prefer 24VDC for safety reasons.
  10. Time in your calendar for a web conference to review the project. A web review usually takes less than 30 minutes, but it ultimately saves time. We can generate your proposal faster and are much more likely to get it right the first time as a result.

The Bottom Line

You get a fixed price quote from us. Giving us the information shown in the checklist ultimately saves you time and helps us get you the right quote before your deadline.

I have an RFQ for you, here are my checklist items