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Control System Information at Your Fingertips

By PendantAutomation2017
April 6th, 2018

Easy Access to Control System Information

This is the second of two posts, this one focusing on the entire control system.  This is how Pendant makes your life easier when we execute a conveyor handling control system project.

We like to keep things simple by saving you time and helping you avoid mistakes.  Imagine that you need detailed information about your control system.  Perhaps you and a maintenance technician need to review CAD drawings and get in touch with someone from Pendant for technical advice. You are wondering how you can access the information. Pendant makes it easy for you by placing a label on the front of your control panel with a QR Code on the label. You can see an example in the photo.



Control system QR Code

The QR code takes you to a project page specific to your project. (The example code in this picture links you to one of our blog posts).  When you get there, here are some examples of the kind of information you can get when you read the QR codes on Pendant’s control panels with your smartphone:

  • Pendant team member contact information
  • Control Panel CAD drawings (in PDF format)
  • Coordination drawings (in PDF format)
  • Description of Operations

The QR codes on the control panels and on field devices are simple ideas to help you get the information you need, fast.

To learn more, contact us to get started on your next project.

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