BlogHow We Do Business – Part 4: Responsiveness

How We Do Business – Part 4: Responsiveness

By Gary Stokes
March 2nd, 2018

How We Do Business – Part 4

We will respond

This is part of a series introducing you to five principles that describe how we do business at Pendant Automation. The fourth of our business principles reads in full:

“When you communicate with us, we will respond. We may not have the answer or the solution right away, but you will know that we are working on it and when you can expect to have the answer. We prioritize relationships with clients and suppliers that value responsiveness.”

We’re willing to bet that just about every project you ever completed ended up in the right place technically. It’s true of every project we’ve ever done. Good business principles dictate that the customer should get what they paid for.

The path to the right technical solution, however, is not always straight and fast and profitable.  Projects proceed to the right technical solution in many different ways, but many of the ways are painful and highly unprofitable for all of the involved parties.

One Way to Avoid Major Problems

Pendant prioritizes responsiveness as a critical success factor, for a number of reasons:

  • Projects rarely proceed exactly as planned.  “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face” is a quote commonly attributed to the boxer Mike Tyson.  Projects occasionally throw some heavy punches.
  • When something changes, responding to the change quickly prevents a small problem from developing into a major problem.
  • Not responding creates frustration, which in turn damages the working relationship.
  • A lack of a response wastes time for the person that has a need, requiring them to make repeated attempts to be heard.

We receive high marks from clients for “Responsiveness” on our post-project surveys. We track the percentage of respondents that give us a score of 5 out of 5 for responsiveness.  Our current score is 81.6%, with an average of 4.8 out of 5.

We are proud of that track record. And we will continue to respond well as on of our key business principles.  Give us a shout if you’re ready to be heard on your next project.

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