BlogHow We Do Business – Part 3: Profitability

How We Do Business – Part 3: Profitability

By Gary Stokes
February 23rd, 2018

How We Do Business – Part 3

We Aim to Be Profitable

This is the third in a series introducing you to five principles that describe how we do business at Pendant Automation.

The third principle reads in full:

“A reasonable profit is critical to the growth and prosperity of a business. This is true for Pendant, our suppliers, and our clients. We will always seek win/win outcomes, and want to work with clients and suppliers who agree with this principle.”

Profit is a dirty word to many people.  To some, expressing an interest in being profitable equates to being heartless and greedy.

We have a mission at Pendant to build and grow a great team that will perform the Pendant way, to the benefit of themselves, the Pendant business, and our clients and suppliers. Fulfilling that mission is simply not sustainable without keeping our eye on the profitability of our business (and yours, too).

Ultimately, accepting low or negative levels of profitability on our part also damages our clients and suppliers.  A profitable Pendant Automation is far more likely to execute projects that are profitable for end users, our clients, and our suppliers, and to create a future for our team members where they can learn, grow, and thrive.

We aim for long-term profitability, not short term gain. Taking shortcuts to profit on one or two projects in the short run inevitably leads to long-term profitability problems, whether through the loss of the trust of clients, high levels of rework, or unfair demands on suppliers to make up in pricing what was wasted in execution.

What you’ll get from us is value. You will make a reasonable profit, and so will we. And that means we’ll be able to repeat that success together, sustainably.

Let’s work on some great projects together