BlogHow We Do Business – Part 1: Fairness and Respect

How We Do Business – Part 1: Fairness and Respect

By Gary Stokes
February 9th, 2018

How We Do Business – Part 1

Fairness and Respect

We’re about to launch a revamped website, with a more modern look and feel.  One section of the new website is called “How We Do Business”, and it’s intended to help you (especially if you haven’t done business with us before) understand what kind of people you are working with at Pendant.  Whether you are a systems integrator in Conveyor Handling, or a plant operator in the Process Industries, a supplier to the Aviation industry, or an industrial automation supplier to us, the way we will do business with you is shaped by five principles.  This post, on fairness and respect, is the first in a series introducing each of these principles.

The first principle reads thus:

“We will treat each other, our clients, and our suppliers with fairness and respect and we seek business relationships with those who will treat us with fairness and respect.”

Sounds great, right? It’s almost too obvious.  Who wouldn’t want to do business this way?

We are fortunate to have many great working relationships with suppliers and clients that match this statement perfectly. But we have had some bad ones too. We have found that the best-executed and most profitable projects for all parties, by far, are conducted in the spirit of this principle.

In practice, this is an easy principle for each Pendant team member to understand and follow. We do and will follow it in the way we treat you.

What about unfair treatment?

It gets a little more difficult when we are the recipients of disrespectful and unfair treatment. There is usually some hesitancy on the part of a team member to call it out when it happens.  But I’ll leave it at this – we have terminated relationships with a very small number of clients in the past that didn’t get it when we pointed it out to them.

We are more committed than ever during the business development phase of a new relationship to getting this right. We are successful at finding new clients that value this way of doing business as much as we. When you engage us to discuss the possibility of working together, we’ll spend time with you up front, understanding your “personality” and how you like to work with Control Systems Integrators before we dive into the technical stuff.

If you operate like this, why not come get to know us?

I like fairness and respect, please contact me