Blog2023 – Here’s How We’re Going to Help You

2023 – Here’s How We’re Going to Help You

By Gary Stokes
January 8th, 2023

As I write this we’re already into our 8th day of the new year. If you’re like me, every year time seems to pass faster than ever before.  A simple Google search shows plenty of theories about this phenomenon. I’ve curated a few for you here, here, and here.

What this means to me is that we are going to pack a lot of exciting new stuff into what is going to feel like a very short time. Our leadership team just concluded our first quarterly pulse meeting for 2023 in which we finalized first quarter plans while also keeping a close eye on plans for the full year. We’re aiming to create products and services intended to make your life way easier as you execute high return projects.

Let’s take look at a few of them.

  • Revolution Street WXS 2.0 – all new deployments of our Revolution Street WXS will be the new and improved version, with a new UI, new modules, better performance and an even bigger impact on warehouse excellence.
  • A new Revolution Street website that will include:
    • Video summaries of the value to you of each module.
    • A “build-your-own” WXS application wizard that summarizes your scope and provides a budgetary price.
    • A simulation that you can test-drive to get a hands-on view of what it’s like to use our software.
    • Support details and the knowledge base.
    • And much more.
  • A new online portal for our project proposals that makes it easy for you to:
    • View the detailed proposal and all the associated revisions, documents, etc, on which it based.
    • Use presentation mode to present our proposal to your end-client (customized to your preference – for example, you can easily exclude our pricing details from your presentation).
    • Quickly copy elements of our proposal (of your choosing) into your own.
    • Accept the proposal.
    • Access the entire history of proposals we have presented to you.
    • And more.
  • ProMat 2023 booth.
    • Our booth will highlight the Revolution Street application with an emulation of a warehouse operation controlled by the WXS. Bring your clients so they can see in action what they will get from the software to optimize their operations.
    • Find us here and here.
  • We’re redefining what it means to support you and your clients after a project goes live.
    • Revolution Street 2.0 revolutionizes the way in which the end-user can troubleshoot and solve issues for themselves.  For example, 2.o includes simple options for configuring users, roles, sorter conditions, and more to adapt the application without having to wait for outside help.
    • 2.0 includes a DIY Support Trainer that guides the user, step-by-step, through each screen.
    • We have multiple contract options available to give you and your clients the level of support they need.  Support contracts include any required security patches over time.
    • We have created a detailed ticketing system including reports that help you and your clients keep track of the issues, and the actual required level of support you need so you don’t pay for more than you use.

We’ll update this as we move further into the year.  But don’t wait for updates to learn more. Contact us here to discuss your projects and how we can help. Plan to see us at ProMat in March. The year is going to run out faster than ever before for you!